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Furnace Tune-Up

Clean Furnace or Boiler
Check Chimney Base
Clean and Check Pilots
Adjust Pilot
Check Thermocouple
Clean Burners
Adjust Burners
Check Fan Belts
Check Amperage Draw
Check Furnace Filters

Check Safety Devices 
Check Heat Anticipators
Check Thermostat Contacts 
Check Limit Control
Inspect Combustion Chamber
Check Blower Wheel
Check Blower Motor and Lube
Check Furnace Wiring
Check for Combustion Air
Check Hot Water Tank

Check Gas Valve Operation
Test for Gas Leaks
Check Humidifier
Check Electrical Connections
Inspect Heat Exchanger for Leaks
Check Motors and Oil if Necessary
Check any/all Accessories
Check and Secure all Panels
Check Thermostat and Calibrate if necessary




* $89.99

Depending on your furnace, or air conditioner or boiler there could be more or less to check, but here are some of the things we check and guarantee to give your unit a full inspection as needed. 

*Restrictions Apply

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